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Pericles Korovesis writes … about the misfortunes of Leonardo da Vinci and Nikos Moschos paints the phrase “Our body is depentand on Heaven and Heaven in Spirit”.

(Pericles is one of the most reputed and famous Greek writers and his books are translated in many languages. A respected figure among the members of the Greek civil resistance movement and the cannabis movement as well. He is an emblematic personage of the Greek anti-fascist struggle during the greek military junta of 1967–1974, elected and served as Member of Greek Parliament. Mr. Pericles Korovesis (born in 1941) still today contributes for the daily newspaper EFSYN… and You May Say mag…)

Apostolis Kaparoudakis … got his own reasons to vote for Bernie Sanders. On the same grounds Spiros Tsakiris illustrates his text with an elephant offering a bouquet.

Ma che dire dell’ Italia? Why is home-grown cannabis legal just next to us, while in Sicily patients receive cannabis medicines for free?
Rodopi’s wild horses ride freely and without bridle. Dorita Lukissa describes the unique emotions caused by their clops while the images by Spyros Tsakiris captivate their pride.

Cannabis and opioids. The plant daily wins the war against… a tough enemy,as scientific researches concur that cannabis reduces the use of opioid drugs.

The unexpected best seller: “Medical Cannabis – A Patients Guide“ reached the third edition and its contributors Chrysoula Karanastassis, Giorgis Economopoulos, Elias Grammatikakis and Apostolis Kaparoudakis explain the whys and the hows.

Fashion industry… “fell in love“ with a plant. Hemp clothes and accessories are gradually conquering the globe.

Smart Cities vs Alternative Communities. Marianthi Pelevani explains the difference between development and degrowth and takes a tour through the Greek and international Communities that practice the second one.

With the click of the heart…Màro Kourì and a team of photographers, who participate in her experimental photography workshop, traveled to the forgotten tribes of Ethiopia.

Bus 550. Gabriel Melissourgakis paints ordinary,common people that ride the homonymous bus in Athens throughout the day.

Books: Maria Katsiou writes about Herbert Huncke’s “Sea Voyage” and Leonidas Economakis talks for his book, translated recently in greek under the title “Like Zapata like Che?”. Christoforos Kassdaglis‘s “1983” is distinguished for its humor and boldness and “Great Laiko (popular greek music)” by Nikos Mitrogiannopoulos for its genuine popular self-sufficiency.

Cannabis and autoimmune deseases. Pharmacist Elias Grammatikakis records the therapeutic effects of the plant on the associated diseases.

Georgis Economopoulos Archive: 33 years ago, the doctor dares the impossible … opens up,in a spectacular way, the debate about the legalization of the plant in the Greek society.

(George has been an advocate of cannabis as a doctor for more than 30 years and with the use of it helped to treat hundreds of patients. He has also worked in rehabilitation programs guiding dozens of people with heroin problems to addiction-free lives. All these years he ‘s been a leading activist in the decriminalization of cannabis, as he remains an active doctor and researcher on plant-related scientific issues).

Recipe: The festive “mystic lagana-bread” with hemp seeds.
Green Guide: Headshops and Bio products guide.
You May Say… Dreamers. The faces of cannabis in Greece (part one)

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