Easy Group and Hempoil Natural Products International partnership for the sale of CBD products

So, the “misunderstood plant” and the young Greek entrepreneurs involved with it, innovating and showing the appropriate seriousness at the same time, find open skies into the international market.

The cooperation agreement between Easy Group with the greek “Hempoil Natural products” sets a milestone not only for the sake of the success and the acknowledgment of the efforts of the company which is considered to be top in the field of cannabis trading in Greece, but also for the potential of the brand as a whole to fiercely expand into the international market.

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John Vergados: We ’re happy but concerned…

John Vergados is editor in chief of Skunk Magazine, an emblematic cannabis culture publication based in Canada.

-Tell us some words about yourself and your Greek roots.

Let me begin by saying that I am incredibly pleased and honored to participate in your first issue. I wish you nothing but success. Everybody I have met from your magazine seems like a great person with great ideals.

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“Klafsìgelos”, a greek word || What exactly is happening in Greece concerning the cannabis issue

What exactly is happening in Greece in 2019 concerning the cannabis issue

“Klafsìgelos” (bitter sweet): a greek word

Occasioned by the release of the new magazine You May Say… the discussione among the friends collegues inflamed. Most of you have a difficulty understand the greek reality. We don t blame you for that, even for us who we are born here and we know what the word “ klafsigelosmeans, we are having to the same difficulties. “ klafsigelos”, though, is an ancient greek word meaning “weeping and laughing” simultaneously. And this word discribes exactly what’s happening in Greece today.

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Welcome on board! || Press Release

You May Say… the new Free Press magazine of general interest that “speaks the language of cannabis” is here! In its first issue:

Pericles Korovesis writes about humankind in an article, “Human, a criminal that becomes hero” …

Pericles is one of the most reputed and famous Greek writers and his books are translated in many languages. A respected figure among the members of the Greek civil resistance movement and the cannabis movement as well. He is an emblematic personage of the Greek anti-fascist struggle during the greek military junta of 1967–1974, elected and served as Member of Greek Parliament. Mr. Pericles Korovesis (born in 1941) still today contributes for the daily newspaper EFSYN… and You May Say mag…

• From the history of the Greek cannabis movement. Archives of George Oikonomopoulos (psychiatrist).
George has been an advocate of cannabis as a doctor for more than 30 years and with the use of it helped to treat hundreds of patients. He has also worked in rehabilitation programs guiding dozens of people with heroin problems to addiction-free lives. All these years he ‘s been a leading activist in the decriminalization of cannabis, as he remains an active doctor and researcher on plant-related scientific issues.

• Science / Politics: Nikos Smyrnaios: Democracy as a Google’s Algorithm.
Lecturer of Information Science and Communications Department at the University of Toulouse (France), Mr.Nikos Smyrnaios talks to You May Say… about the immense power of the network giants, prompted by the release of his new book “Internet Oligopoly: The Corporate Takeover of our Digital World”. From cannabis censorship by Facebook and Google to fake news, one of the brightest spirits of European intellectual elite helps us comprehend what lays behind a simple “like”.

Apostolis Kaparoudakis, journalist, and painter Nikos Kakoulidis draw up a world map of cannabis legalisation .

• World: John Vergados. The co-publisher of the canadian Skunk Magazine which You May Say… has an exclusive collaboration, explains what exactly is happening with cannabis in Canada.

• Market / Business: The cannabis consumer’s profile in 21st century: Middle-aged, educated, family men and happy!

• Health: Cannabis confronts Breast Cancer, by Marianthi Pelevani (journalist)

• Health: 6 reasons why cannabidiol – CBD became famous, by Elias Grammatikakis (pharmacist)

• Greece: “Bottoms up! The only order I obeyed “. Thymios Kakos and Giorgos Detsis visit the raki still (traditional brewing kettles) of Crete. Every Autumn on this Greek island, winegrowers get hold of a special 48 hours permit that gives them the right to distill their grapes and produce their own bulk spirit (“raki”,”tsikoudia”). The whole process of these distillation operations always end up in great feasts. During this season god Dionysus lives and rules in the high mountains of Crete.

• Art: Evelina Arapides: Everything is music. The actress in her interview unfolds thoughts and colors on the occasion of her performance at the theatrical play “Women of Passion, Women of Greece”, where Medea the titular heroine of the ancient greek tragedy, meets two avant-garde priestesses of modern Greece: Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri.

• Science / Politics: Climate Change or Climate Crisis? … “The hell you have” by Marianthi Pelevani and how “cannabis can be part of the solution”, by agronomist Dimitris Geronikos.

• Nutrition: Veganism, the philosophy of non-violence on our plate.

• Cooking Recipe: “Mystic” prallines with cannabis seeds.

• Green Guide: List of hemp shops and related businesses.
The magazine circulates in dozens of locations throughout Greece, focusing on hemp shops, but also pharmacies, cafes, bio shops and bookstores.

Welcome on board!
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