This century becomes 20 years old!

Pericles Korovesis takes us on a journey back in time, 100 and 200 years ago, in order to comprehend how we ve reached the 21rst century… as Europeans.

(Pericles is one of the most reputed and famous Greek writers and his books are translated in many languages. A respected figure among the members of the Greek civil resistance movement and the cannabis movement as well. He is an emblematic personage of the Greek anti-fascist struggle during the greek military junta of 1967–1974, elected and served as Member of Greek Parliament. Mr. Pericles Korovesis (born in 1941) still today contributes for the daily newspaper EFSYN… and You May Say mag…)

George Grammatikakis, talks about the primordial light”, which started 13,8 billion years ago and now “is hiding in our palms”.

(George Grammatikakis is a greek physicist, university professor, dean/chancellor at the university of Crete,writer and member of the european parliament for 5 years)

Yorgos Avgeropoulos presents us Agora II- Chained. We ‘ve seen the movie ahead its upcoming release and we ‘re introducing it to you in a discussion with him.

(Yorgos Avgeropoulos is a greek cinematographer and journalist. He is well known mainly by the dozens of social-political documentaries and series that he has directed in over than 50 counties around the world. He received 40 international awards in different film festivals.)

Cannabis and sex- Cannabis and fertility. A cover story by Marianthi Pelevani regarding the new scientific researches…and answers that validate them.

Archive of Yorgi Oikonomopoulos; The doctor and activist goes 20 years back through the period of RAK, the greek political party that campaigned the decriminalization of cannabis.

(George has been an advocate of cannabis as a doctor for more than 30 years and with the use of it helped to treat hundreds of patients. He has also worked in rehabilitation programs guiding dozens of people with heroin problems to addiction-free lives. All these years he ‘s been a leading activist in the decriminalization of cannabis, as he remains an active doctor and researcher on plant-related scientific issues).

Apostolis Kaparoudakis and Gavriil Melissourgakis explore in words and images the absurd flights of cannabis in the beginning of the contemporary ’20s, the decade that the plant will turn legal again around the planet earth.

Therapeutic plants and herbs of Greece. Which are them, where they can be found and which are their properties.

Home Brewing, Make your own beer; Home brewing as poetry, or something between art and science triggered by the favorite drink.

Interviews; Ioulia Karapataki (musician), Yorgis Tampourakis (actor), Nikos Kakoulidis (painter)

Health; Cannabis and neurology

Recipe; The festive mystic salad tahiniwith cannabis seeds

Green Guide; Head shops and bio products guide

Feature story; Cannabis laws and regulations around the world

A journey up to Californian mountains, a flower generation hideaway and where the modern permaculture flourishes. The magazine travelled with Vassiliki Prassa up there and came back commanding;

We ought to celebrate 2020 with din and clang! 


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